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  • music and movement
  • made in Germany
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Training, courses and further education

You want to offer Fit4Drums as a trainer? Very good! We train regularly and enjoy energetic and creative Fit4Drums instructors. In the fitness and sports area, the certificate is mandatory. In the areas of school, kindergarten and therapy, the certificate is not mandatory. Even so, the teachers who use the bOdrums at their facilities have noticed that participating in training brings a lot and is a good inspiration. We are also happy to offer in-house training and look forward to creating an offer for your institution.

Fitness and sports

To be able to offer courses under the brand name Fit4Drums as a trainer, you must successfully participate in a Fit4Drums license training. A manual with all the basics and various videos with choreographies are included in the course fee. We have now trained more than 300 licensed trainers from more than 15 countries. Our coaches work u.a. in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Iran, USA, Russia and Dubai.

The prerequisites for obtaining the coaching license are the participation in an apprenticeship and the passing of the final exam. Physical fitness is required. Musical education is helpful but not necessary to work or have fun with Fit4Drums. Even music reading is not required. A fitness coaching certificate is not absolutely necessary but certainly always a good basis to successfully complete the bOdrums courses.

Overall, we have gained more than 50 fitness and sports facilities as customers and users. Our reference studio is the Vie Vitale in Elmshorn, where a large part of our training takes place.

career opportunity

We also provide our trainers regularly as lecturers for further education, on cruiseships and for special events in the field of incentives, parties and congresses. Some trainers work for an institution that owns bOdrums. But there are also cases in which coaches have set up their own set of drums.

School and education

The license is not required for use in schools, kindergartens and in the therapeutic field. However, experience shows that starting and developing your own content is much easier if you have attended a license training course.

Our partner school, the Auenwaldschule in Böklund, is constantly developing new contents for schools with us. We also like to come to schools and sports facilities and offer in-house training. Please contact us if you are interested in in-house training. We are happy to develop a custom-made concept so that Fit4Drums can be used optimally.

Fit4Drums coach on a cruiseship

Our experience on the cruise liners of the AIDA fleet has confirmed that we were able to adapt the course concept to a specific use. On the ships AIDAprima, AIDAperla and the bOdrums are used daily. But it's not just about sports. This is about creating a leisure offer for all age groups, where families can share a phantastic experience on board. Overall, the bOdrums are used on 8 different vessels of the AIDA fleet. In 2018 it will be introduced on the newest vessel AIDAnova.

music education

In the field of music school we work closely together with studio percussion in Graz / Austria. Here, the drums are used for basic rhythmic training. Learning in the group is more efficient in many aspects than in one-to-one lessons. In this way, students learn to read musical notation and at the same time can use and promote their motorical skills. As a result learning to play the drums works faster. In total, we have equipped more than 20 music schools with bOdrums. These include the Kreismusikschule Bad Segeberg, Musicschool Baum Elmshorn and Rock It Stralsund.

Our clients also use the bOdrums here: special schools, physiotherapists, rehabilitation of hip or spineoperated patients and breast cancer rehabilitation as well, event organizers, companies, press, day-care centers, kindergartens, musicians, event centers, hotels, holiday resorts. Drumming can have a positive effect on the participants and groups everywhere. It is an unforgettable experience for the participants.

Fit4Drums Manual (as download)

Fit4Drums Tutorial Videos (as download)

Fit4Drums annual license (after passing the final exam)