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  • music and movement
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Drumming works!

More and more schools are recognizing the impact that music, movement and especially drumming can have on students and their learning process. Cajon, Djembe and Co are an integral part of the school's musical instruments in many schools. In physical education, dance and aerobics are becoming more common, too. Fit4Drums is the perfect combination of both.

Sports and music lessons

The bOdrums are therefore equally useful to use in sports as in music. They combine a variety of possible uses in one instrument and sports equipment: Rhythmical training, movement, the achievement of a common goal. In recreational activities at all-day schools or for performances and a powerful external presentation: appearances by drum groups leave a lasting impression - and that with the active aswell as with the audience.

Dynamics in the classroom leads to more concentration

A major advantage of the bOdrums over many other big drums: you play standing up. Alone, the students behave much more dynamically and freely than sitting down. This clearly promotes the learning process and the share of exercise in both music and physical education lessons. Another reason why the use in schools is recommended.

Inclusion: Undercarriage with the wheelchair

The drumming in the classroom with or without accompanying music, the common creation of choreographies and working in the call-and-response process helps to promote group-dynamic processes in school classes. Particularly in the area of inclusion, the bOdrum offers a multitude of possible applications. With a special adapter, playing the bOdrums is even possible from the wheelchair.

Improved learning outcomes

Working with bOdrums promotes the ability to concentrate sustainably. Hearing, seeing and imitating movements and rhythms, storing musical forms, operating the rehearsed elements in the given sequence of a musical piece requires a high degree of attention and concentration. At the same time, the proportion of exercise offers the opportunity to accommodate the body's own urge to move.

Drumming promotes concentration as well as motorical skills.If adjusted in level, it also allowes activities with seniors. bOdrums are also excellent to play from the rollator.

Internationally patented

The bOdrum is a patented instrument and sports equipment. The drum is built so that it sounds pleasant. This is made possible by a special drumhead, which is unique in this form. It consists of a carrier material which is covered on the top with an elastic nylon softshell. As a result, the sound is very nice, but never unpleasant in the ears. Also, playing music in a classroom is acoustically easy and comfortable possible.

Power with the drums

The bOdrums are fun to play because you can hit them as hard as you like. Other drums then become unbearably loud and particularly uncomfortable for other people in the same room. Drummers in bands know the problem: The other musicians always want you to play quietly because otherwise no one else hears their own instruments. Being able to reach physical limits while playing the bOdrum is a great and liberating experience for the participants.

Affordable class set

Instruments are expensive. Therefore, the view of the price-performance ratio is recommended. Drums are primarily used in music lessons. Sports equipment primarily in physical education. bOdrums are universally applicable, portable and manageable in the acquisition costs. They can be bought over years to supplement existing instruments meaningful. Spare parts such as fur mounts and sticks can be purchased from the manufacturer at moderate prices. bOdrums are height adjustable, so that the use for different body sizes with one instrument is possible. For our youngest drummers we offer a separate instrument, the bOdrum Kids, which meets the physiological requirements of smaller children up to 8 years old.

The variety of possible uses is therefore almost unlimited. In order to give you a good start and ideas for working with the bOdrum in school and kindergarten, further education and materials are offered for use in kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school. Of course, there are no limits to your own ideas and implementations.

Practical and well designed

Due to their shape, the bOdrums can be easily stored and transported. That is why it is also an attractive sports device on cruise ships. There is a shortage of space on ships. A set bOdrums (20-30 pieces) needed in a trolley, however, only a floor area of 70x80cm. An important aspect also for schools. In the classrooms and storage rooms is usually less space than one would wish. Comparable drums need much more storage space. The trolleys are easy to move and even in cars many drums can fit: in a mid-class car about 25 pieces, in a station wagon about 50 pieces and in a van up to 180 pieces. Because of the good sound and transport characteristics, we can easily handle events with more than 150 participants.

Made in Germany

We manufacture the bOdrums exclusively in Germany. The components and materials come from Germany, France and Switzerland. Each component is made of the highest quality materials to ensure enthusiasm and safety. The wooden parts are made of beech wood in southern Germany. The steel tripods are high-quality chrome-plated so that they always look good and well-groomed even when used heavily. The sticks are made of American hickory wood (a type of beech) in Germany and have a plastic-coated shaft that can be easily cleaned.