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  • music and movement
  • made in Germany
  • +40 (0) 4321-95 98 00
  • info@fit4drums.com

The creative center at the "Vie Vitale" near Hamburg

In the Vie Vitale Elmshorn gym, much of our creative development work takes place. Here, 10 Fit4Drums trainers develop and test the content in cooperation with Bassam Abdul-Salam.

Choreographies and exercises are adapted to the respective use for sports, school, kindergarten, therapy and event.

A large part of the Fit4Drums training courses are held in the Vie-Vitale.

Barbara Hofmann, the co-author of the Fit4Drums Manuals, is a certified sports teacher and has been leading the club-owned studio of EMTV Elmshorn for many years.

Each week the bOdrums are used here in Fit4Drums courses 6-10 times. According to experience, participants come from all age groups and every fitness level. In addition, the bOdrums are also used in other course formats for enrichment. Specifically, the bOdrums can be found in the following formats:

Fit4Drums fitness courses for adults,
Fit4Drums fitness classes for children and teenagers,
Fit4Drums fitness courses for participants with and without handicap,
Drumming in orthopedic rehabilitation courses,
Drumming in rehab courses of cancer aftercare,
Drumming in courses for mentally ill,
Drumming in cooperation with schools,
Fit4Drums as part of company sports,
Fit4Drums in the integration work,
Fit4Drums as a promotion for companies and institutions,
Fit4Drums as join in action or animation at events.

In the sports hall of the EMTV regular big events take place with the bOdrums. At these "Fit4Drums parties", up to 150 participants simultaneously play the choreographies shown by the coaching teams on stage.

During the sports ceremony in Elmshorn in 2016, 150 participants learned a choreography in a separate hall during the event and listed it as an impressive final image of the event.

The Fit4Drums trainers in the Vie Vitale are:

Barbara Hofmann
Alexandra big house
Andrea Maik
Daniela Memmi
Inga Schlegel
Jane Winegrower
Kerstin Wittmaack
Julia Mielke
Bianca Dittmer
Steffi Andresen
Birte Otto
Hanna Drews