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  • made in Germany
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  • music and movement
  • made in Germany
  • +40 (0) 4321-95 98 00
  • info@fit4drums.com

You run a music store or a toy store?

We offer you an innovative and high quality product at attractive conditions. The bOdrum has a high demand character. Our freestanding sales display for the bOdrum Kids only needs a floor space of 60x50cm. Convince yourself of the attraction and get trial-ready display for 1-2 months. So you can try a truly new product without risk.

We are happy to inform you about conditions and delivery dates.

The bOdrums have been listed at major mail order companies for several years. Among them are Wehrfritz and K├╝bler Sport. But even in retail, the drums are met with great interest among parents and children alike.

bOdrum Kids on a big trip

Due to the high demand character of the drums, the AIDA cruise company has decided to include the kids drums in the childcare entertainment program. After the ships were equipped with the big drums, it quickly became clear that the children also wanted to be involved and to get their own drum course.

On the three biggest and newest ships AIDAprima, AIDAperla and AIDAnova the bOdrums are used daily. But it's not just about sports. This is about creating a leisure offer for all age groups, where families can share a positive experience on board. Overall, the bOdrums are used on 8 different vessels of the AIDA fleet.

design award

The design of the bOdrums has already been awarded and presented by ISPO Messe in Munich. The drums were and are also exhibited at many other fairs and regularly attract great interest. Fit4Drums is regularly exhibited at the FIBO in Cologne.

practical and beautiful

The children's drum is adjustable in height. It is suitable for children from 2 to about 8 years. The bOdrum is easy to transport and store. Only high-quality materials are processed and the special shape has a high demand character not only for children due to the beautiful sound and design.

internationally patented

The bOdrum is a patented musical instrument and sports equipment. The drum is built so that it sounds pleasant. This is made possible by a special drumhead, which is unique in this form. It consists of a strong material that is covered on the top with an elastic nylon softshell. As a result, the sound is very nice and full but never unpleasant in the ears.

The bOdrums are fun to play because you can hit them as hard as you like. Other drums would then become unbearably loud, especially for other people in the same room.

You only get the bOdrums from us, the only manufacturer of this patented product.

made in Germany

We manufacture the bOdrums exclusively in Germany. The components and materials come from Germany, France and Switzerland. Each component is made of the highest quality materials to ensure enthusiasm and safety. The wooden parts are made of beech wood in southern Germany. The steel tripods are high-quality chrome-plated so that they always look good and well maintained even in heavy use. The sticks are made of American hickory wood (a type of beech) in Germany and have a plastic-coated shaft that can be easily cleaned.

sustainable gift idea

Whether the child gets the bOdrum as a Christmas present, a birthday present, just like that or inherited from the sibling: It will always be able to try something new and experience music in an active form.

Having a bOdrum in the house means drumming to your own favorite music. And drumming sometimes also means liberating oneself and venting his aggression.