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  • music and movement
  • made in Germany
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  • info@fit4drums.com

Our Fit4Drums trainers in Germany and the world

Fit4Drums is a new combination of drumming, music, exercise and fitness training. So far there was no concept, which was more widespread in this combination. The success of Fit4Drums lies on the one hand in the new drum design, in the simplicity and efficiency of the overall concept, and above all on the many trainers who have been trained over the years. About 300 fitness trainers took part in the training over the past 5 years. The educator and teacher training courses were attended by more than 700 participants.

On this team page we would like to highlight the coaches who have been practicing Fit4Drums for years. They offer the format not only in the fitness and sports area. They also work as independent drum teachers, social workers, anti-aggression trainers, music teachers at music schools, recreational educators as well as animators and hosts in hotel complexes and on the cruise ships of the AIDAFlotte.

We are looking forward to an exchange between the trainers and have set up a closed Facebook group for our licensed trainers which you can join after taking part in a license training.

Bassam Abdul-Salam is the inventor of Fit4Drums. He studied classical percussion in Freiburg and he played as a permanent guest in various radio and symphony orchestras. He regularly participated in international festivals with these orchestras (Berliner Festwochen, Salzburg Festival, Venice Biennale). In Cuba he studied the Batá drums of the Afro-Cuban religion "Santería". Since 2001 plays solopercussion at Disney's "The Lion King" in Hamburg. During this time he developed Fit4Drums and patented the bOdrum internationally.

Meanwhile, Fit4Drums is offered in many schools, fitness centers, sports clubs. In addition, the bOdrums are used for events and promotions. Strong is also the therapeutic branch in special schools and institutions. Since 2016, bOdrum have also been introduced on the ships of the AIDA fleet.

The certified sports teacher and health consultant Barbara Hofmann has been active in the fitness industry for over 20 years.

She runs the Vie Vitale gym in Elmshorn and has been a lecturer and presenter in fitness and health for various institutions for many years. Since 2010 she is Fit4Drums licensed trainer.

Since 2011, she has been part of the Creativ team, developing the Fit4Drums training concept with Bassam Abdul-Salam, co-authoring the Fit4Drums manual and running Fit4drum's licensing training. As a "head coach" she presented Fit4Drums at events and fairs like: Saxon Health Sport Academy Dresden, Sport Teacher's Day Kiel, Fibo Köln, Fashion night Milan u.a.

Her enthusiasm for sports and fitness makes her classes unique. Paired with your knowledge as a Fit4Drums licensed trainer of the first hour and your professionalism, your choreographies and classes are the reference for the training concept Fit4Drums.

A Fit4Drums Class with Barbara Hofmann: The Real Thing!


Nadja Lopatta has been inspiring her classes for all ages from Football to Zumba for more than 10 years.

She already proved her passion for Fit4Drums as an entertainer and trainer for more than 7 months on the cruise liners of the AIDA fleet. Her daily Open Classes created unforgettable holiday moments for a very wide audience. At the evening live specials she drummed together with an eight-headed rock band.

Her choreographies in harmony with the music are not only fun, they also release a lot of energy. That's why Nadja trains new Fit4Drums trainers as a master trainer since 2019. Let yourself be carried away and experience drumming and movement for young and old, in one of Nadja's classes around Hamburg. Or check out her website and enjoy different sports opportunities there.


Karin Graf, professional drummer and owner of the "Room for Rhythmic Impulse", Center for Music, Dance and Movement in Saarbrücken, has been an enthusiastic bo drummer since 2014. In addition to Fit4Drum's weekly sessions as workouts, the musician and trained physiotherapist integrates the concept of Fit4Drums in her rhythm training, in percussion lessons and in various workshops, as well as team building. Dancing with the drums is an ideal combination to do something good. Make your own music, incidentally burn a few calories and have fun with others. That is pure joie de vivre!


Ines Baum is a qualified social pedagogue and has been working since 1989 as a professional musician, in particular as a drummer and percussion teacher. In 1999 she founded the MUSICSCHOOL BAUM in Elmshorn in northern Germany. Since 2010, she replaces the drum computer Dr. Avalanche in The Sisters Of Mercy Tribute Band - TEMPLE OF MERCY. In 2015, she acquired the Fit4Drums coaching license and expanded the concept with her own rock style. This keeps close to the actually played drums in the songs and offers a lot of fun with small shouts and vocals. The songs are lived. Immerse yourself in the world of the big bouncing game characters - She wants to rock you!