bOdrum Kids

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The drum for kids

The perfect musical present for kids!

Here you will find something. The bOdrum sounds very nice, warm and not too loud. So our patented children's drum is also a good present for the rest of the family: it sounds very pleasant when a child plays on it. When children discover the drum and start drumming, they quickly forget the time and find their rhythm even without instructions. If they play along to music, the educational effect is even greater. Children then automatically start to think of patterns that match the music. So children can learn to drum independently and learn basic knowledge of the music.

Practical and nice

The children's drum is adjustable in height. It is suitable for children from 2 to about 8 years. The bOdrum is easy to transport and store. Only high-quality materials are processed and the special design has a high "call to action" character not only for children due to the beautiful sound and the good design.

Internationally patented

The bOdrum is a patented instrument and sports equipment. The drum is built so that it sounds pleasant. This is made possible by a special drumhead, which is unique in this form. It consists of a carrier material which is covered on the top with an elastic nylon softshell. As a result, the sound is very nice, but never unpleasant in the ears. The bOdrums are fun to play because you can hit them as hard as you like. Other drums then become unbearably loud, especially for other people in the same room.

Made in Germany

We manufacture the bOdrums exclusively in Germany. The components and materials come from Germany, France and Switzerland. Each component is made of the highest quality materials to ensure enthusiasm and safety. The wooden parts are made of beech wood in southern Germany. The steel stands are high-quality chrome-plated so that they always look good and well-groomed even when used heavily. The sticks are made of American hickory wood (a type of beech) in Germany and have a plastic-coated shaft that can be easily cleaned.

Sustainable gift idea

Whether the child gets the bOdrum as a Christmas present, a birthday present, just like that or inherited from the sibling: It will always be able to try something new and experience music in an active form. Having a bOdrum in the house means drumming to your own favorite music. And drumming sometimes also means liberating oneself and venting his aggression.